Essay On The Autobiography Of A Handicapped Child

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Essay On The Autobiography Of A Handicapped Child

Childhood is the most treasured stage of our life. We all love and enjoy it at fullest. We are carefree, innocent and many times pampered by parents and our dear ones. This period of life is unforgettable. No matter how long a person lives, he remembers the childhood.

Life for me as a handicapped child from birth is completely different. My left leg does not work and I am a slow learner. I cannot remember many things. I also have defect in my right arm. It cannot pick up anything, as it is strengthless. I have no sensation in it. Although my parents love me, they always look at me with worries and sadness. This makes me feel very sad and thus, sometimes I even wonder why God decided to give me birth, if I had to give only worries and troubles to my parents.

I go to school that is specially meant for children like me. We are looked after by a trained staff and are taught to read and write. To the school and from the school I have to be carried on a chair made specially for me, as I neither can walk like you nor can use my both hands like you. Please do not feel sad for me. As my brain is not working normally, I am studying in standard fourth. However, as per my age I should have been in standard seventh. I can understand my limits.
At school, all the teachers are very kind and caring to all of us. When I see children even younger than me facing more handicapped situations that stop them even doing smallest thing on their own, I thank God for giving me little batter life than them. Still I do not understand what I should do to handle myself. I feel more sad and bad for my parents. The greatest tragedy is that no one can do anything about my condition. When I see my parents feeling sad and talking over my condition and my hopeless future, I feel very sick of my life and myself.

Sometimes a thought surrounds my mind that how long I will have to live in this condition and how I will cope up different challenges of life after my parents. I daily pray to God to help me fight my hopelessness and help all such children like me. I am aware that my life is of no use, neither to others nor to myself. However, God gives me strength and patients to lead each day of my life.

Essay On The Autobiography Of A Handicapped Child


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