Essay On An Indian Farmer

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Essay On An Indian Farmer

An Indian farmer is one of the most important members of society. He is the food giver to the country. The life of an Indian farmer has both joys and sorrows. Early in the morning, he goes to his field and starts ploughing it. At the noon, his wife or daughter brings his food to the farm. He sits in a shady place and eats his food. In eventing, he tiredly returns to his house.

A farmer has many kinds of work to do. He ploughs his fields, sows the seeds, and waters his field regularly. He has to take great care of the crops. He has to protect them against hail and frost. His eyes are always in search of clouds in the sky. Only after the rain sets in, he can sow the seeds without worries. When there is good rainfall, he becomes happy. He reaps good crops. When there is less or unwanted rain his crops are destroyed.

Insects like locusts are the great enemies of his crops. They fly in large groups and badly damage the crops. He has to sprinkle insecticides and pesticides to protect the crops against pests and insects. A farmer has to stay awake at night to protect his crops from animals and birds.

His income disappears when he has very less work during the off-season. When he is free, he passes his time sitting under a tree chatting with other farmer friends and elders of the village.

A farmer has to face many difficulties in his life due to a lack of money. He remains in constant worry until his daughters marry. Sometimes he has no money to perform the last rites of his parents. In these situations, he has no other choice but to approach the moneylender of the village. Once he is caught in his grip, he cannot escape until he repays the loan. His sorrows double as time passes.

Old farmers are uneducated. However, the young farmers are mostly educated. Education helps them a lot in protecting their rights and saving them from any kind of injustice. They get the soil of their fields tested. Thus, they can know what kind of crop is suitable to grow in their respective fields.

The Indian farmer is unlucky but determined and unsafe yet hardworking. Although he works day and night, he is rewarded poorly. At times, he is unable to feed enough food to his family although he provides food to the world. Nobody shows mercy towards his condition.

However, today due to various efforts by Government and other organizations, the condition of Indian farmers has improved. Their income has increased and their lives are little comfortable.

Essay On An Indian Farmer


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