Essay On A Flight in An Aeroplane

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Essay On A Flight in An Aeroplane

In the field of aviation, Aeroplan’s have done wonders. Passenger Aeroplan’s fly at amazingly great speeds and the long distances are covered in hours. You may fly after taking breakfast from Shimla and have lunch in Mumbai. Some aeroplanes carry goods even to less approachable places.

My elder brother is a rich man. He is a publisher and lives in Delhi. He generally goes to Mumbai from Delhi by air to see his friends in connection with his business. One day I expressed my desire to go with him. He accepted my proposal. So I got the chance to fly to Mumbai.

We reached Palam aerodrome by a taxi. We reached well in time and took our seats. Our plane left the aerodrome at 9 a.m. First of all it ran very fast on the ground. Then it began to rise up. At that time we had to tighten up our belts.
Flying towards the east, I saw the Yamuna flowing majestically. Within a minute we passed over Ghaziabad. Then the plane turned towards Agra-flying over U.P. I saw the Karban and Chambal rivers.

Soon we passed over Rajasthan. Then we passed over Udaipur, the region appeared to be green. The water of the lake was crystal clear. From Udaipur our plane flew towards Ajmer. We saw the Pushkar Lake. There was a large number of people bathing in the holy water. Suddenly our plane rose high.

The air hostess asked us not to be afraid. She informed us that the weather had became cloudy. So the pilot had decided to go higher. Then flying over the Narmada we reached Mumbai. Here the weather was pleasant. So there was no difficulty or danger in landing down the plane. As soon as our plane touched the ground, we came out of it.

We reached Mumbai at 11 a.m. I was surprised to have reached Mumbai within a couple of hours. I like the journey very much. was certainly very exciting. I liked it so much that I requested my brother to return by plane. This was certainly a memorable event in my life.

Essay On A Flight in An Aeroplane
Essay On A Flight in An Aeroplane


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