Essay On A Street Quarrel

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Set 1: Essay On A Street Quarrel

A little boy of ten was going down the street on a bicycle. He banged into a woman. The woman fell down. She was not hurt at all. Perhaps she suffered only from a slight shock.

A crowd of people collected. Many of them were the friends and relatives of the woman who had been thrown down. They shouted at the small boy. Some of them began to beat him severely. The boy begged to be let off. Some of the bystanders tried to plead on his behalf. But it was of no use. The woman’s friends kept on raining blows on the poor boy. The boy cried out in pain.

Finding that the crowd was uncontrollable, someone went and phoned the police. The people who were causing trouble were arrested and taken away by the police. The street was quiet and peaceful once more.

Such quarrels can easily be avoided. People must learn to control their tempers. They must not make a nuisance of themselves and cause inconvenience to others.

Essay On A Street Quarrel
Essay On A Street Quarrel

Set 2: Essay On A Street Quarrel

We read or hear about quarrels every day. They are a common feature of every village and city. Quarrels start over a very small matter but sometimes they take serious turn and change to big fights.

Yesterday I was doing my homework when I heard a noise in the street. I went out of my house and found two of my neighbours quarrelling with each other. A large crowd had gathered and all were listening to their arguments. In fact, they were enjoying the quarrel. No one tried to intervene.

The reason for the quarrel was very small. The cricket ball of one of the neighbour’s son had come inside the boundary of the other neighbour and had damaged his vase. In fact, it was a very silly reason to quartel.

The two were not having good relations and therefore they started quarrelling. One of them started calling names. Soon both of them started exchanging hot words. From hot words, they came to blows. One of them gave a blow to the other who also did the same. Some one rang the police post. Two police constables reached the spot immediately and pacified the quarrelling persons. The matter was resolved when the neighbour whose son had damaged the vase, agreed to replace the damaged vase with the new one.

Set 3: Essay On A Street Quarrel

Street quarrels are very common features of city life. They occur sometimes due to bad temper and sometimes due to greedy nature of some wicked man. Whatever may be the cause behind street quarrels, one thing is clear that most of the time people join the fight for mere joy showing off their fighting spirit and thus create an unwanted scene polluting the whole atmosphere of their surrounding.

A few days back a quarrel took an ugly turn when the persons involved in it forgot all civic sense. There is generally a great rush of traffic in the school street at 1:30 pm because it is the time when the school is over for the day.

The street is not so wide. One man with a heavy load had obstructed the narrow passage. Soon a man on a scooter and an auto rickshaw driver tried to surpass but none of them was ready to allow the other to pass. The situation was becoming serious by and by with the hot exchange of words. Both the scooters and the autorickshaw driver started abusing each other. Soon a big crowd was gathered there.

Some favoured the man on the scooter and some took the side of the auto rickshaw driver. But one thing I noticed that most of them did not seem interested in settling down the quarrel.

They sometimes were provoking the scooterist and sometimes the auto-rickshaw driver. As a result the quarrel took an ugly turn. The shouting and abuses were followed by boxing and blows. One caught the collar of the other and finally they were seen rolling and tearing and scratching each other. They were mad people with no head at all.

Some young men who heroically came forward to settle down the quarrel themselves started showing their fighting skill. And within a few minutes the quarrel became a group quarrel. Big sticks were being brought and used by many fighters.

As a result some of them were badly hurt. Some were seen bleeding. The crowd got panicky and there occurred stampede taking many lives. The police came late and therefore they did not prove themselves helpful in averting the situation.

It has been rightly said that anger is a momentary madness, and we must keep it in control. Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said, “One who can tolerate an evil done is really a hero of the heroes, only weak people desort to violence.” Hence, we must develop the power of tolerance and mutual understanding. Anger begets anger and violence leads to more violence.

Therefore it is wise not creating such a situation. We must remember that peace is always good and the limit must not be crossed at any cost. Our formula of life should be live and let live.

Set 4: Essay On A Street Quarrel

Street quarrels are quite common in India. They are a thing of daily occurrence. Last Monday, I witnessed one such street quarrel. I was returning from school. I saw a large crowd of people in front of a shop. They were abusing and grappling with one another. Their shouting could be heard from a distance. I at once saw that a quarrel was on.

I hastened to the spot of the quarrel. I saw that five or six men were giving blows to one another. Brickbats were being thrown. One of them had an injury that was bleeding. He was thrown headlong. It looked as if all of them had gone mad.

I could not bear all that. I made my way through the crowd, tried to intervene and pacify them. Two of them were in grips and the third was showering blows. I tried to disengage them. They gave me an angry look. One of them abused me and said, “Go your way. You are no body to meddle with us. Let us settle our scores. I requested them to be calm and composed, but who would listen to the voice of reason.

Everyone was excited. The man who was bleeding came forward with a sharp knife. I realised the seriousness of the situation and stepped in between. People tried to separate and pacify them but all to no purpose. Two policemen happened to arrive on the scene. They dispersed the crowd and put under arrest some member of both the parties. They were handcuffed and taken to the police station.

It is said that the quarrel was over a trifle. A man hired a taxi and used it for an hour an five minutes. The driver demanded the hire for two hours while the user was paying the hire of one hour. It led to the quarrel. A few sympathisers also jumped into the quarrel. I learnt later that both the parties gave their statements. The police investigated the matter. Some members of both the parties were challaned. Both the parties engaged pleaders. The quarrel cost them dearly.


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