Essay On Convincing A Cruel Boy

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Essay On Convincing A Cruel Boy

As I was looking out of the window one day, I saw a boy from our building kick a helpless dog. “My God! What a cruel boy!” I thought, and went out to ask him why he was harassing the poor creature.

The boy lives on the top floor of our building, where the dog never goes. In fact, it only goes to a house on the ground floor, where a kind lady feeds it every day. It never bites or barks at anyone from the building. So, there’s no reason for the boy to hit the dog. Moreover, the dog is old and crippled. It has lived near the building all its life. Now, in this state, how can it be expected to go away? Where will it find shelter and food in this condition?

In case the boy is not aware, now there are laws against cruelty to animals. If he kicks the dog again, I warned him, I will report him to the authorities. I will make sure he is punished.

I really fail to understand how people can be so cruel to animals. I hope I was able to convince that boy not to repeat his behaviour.


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