Essay On A Journey by Train

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Essay On A Journey by Train

My final examination was over. I was tired of my studies. I wanted to relax. So I decided to go to Mumbai by train. I took my belongings and bought myself a ticket.

I looked forward to my journey. I set out very early for the station, I had to catch the train at Ahmedabad station at 6 a.m. The train was crowded. Many people tried to rush into the train at the same time. I managed to get in with great difficulty. I could not get any seat. So I had to stand.

There was a lot of noise and confusion inside the carriage. People talked loudly, children shouting and babies cried. Some people even quarrelled with those who had piled up their luggage in the way.

Outside the carriage the changing scene was beautiful as the train moved along. Trees, fields and villages seemed to rush by. The fields looked brown because it was summer. Children shouted and waved at us as our train passed them. We passed many big and small stations. At each station some people got off and more people tried to get in. The crowd increased. The journey became more uncomfortable. Fortunately, I had managed to get
a seat about half an hour after I had boarded the train.

I was happy as I neared my journey’s end. The train arrived at Mumbai Central station. My uncle received me there. How glad I was that my eventful and uncomfortable journey had ended! Travelling by train in the general compartment can be quite troublesome.

Yet I think that one learns a lot by travelling. We meet all kinds of people. We learn to understand others. So travelling is useful in its own way.

Essay On A Journey by Train
Essay On A Journey by Train


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