Essay On Convincing Mother, Finding A Letter

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Essay On Convincing Mother Finding A Letter

One day, while she was looking for some plain paper to write on, my mother found a letter on my table. It was a copy of the letter I had written to Meena, who was my classmate in the old school. But my mother assumed something else and arrived at the wrong conclusion. So, I had to sit and explain it to her.

Meena and I had been classmates for more than three years. And, since we had done many projects together, we had become good friends. But we were always a part of a group. Ever since I changed schools, I had lost touch with many friends there. So, when Meena met one of our common friends recently, she asked about me. She also sent me a message, asking me to get in touch and write to her. That is why I had written to her.

This long explanation seemed to have convinced my mother that I was telling the truth. But there was one more thing that I had to say to her. That, it is perfectly all right for boys and girls to be friends and it is normal for friends to write to each other.

Anyway, Meena came over to our place a few days ago. Since I was not at home, my mother had a long chat with her. And, it seems both of them got along very well!

Essay On Convincing Mother Finding A Letter


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