Essay On Earthquakes

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Set 1:Essay On Earthquakes

Earthquakes occur from time to time in various parts of the world. An earthquake, like a flood or a famine, is a natural calamity. Men are helpless when such things happen. We often read in the newspapers that an earthquake has occurred in a certain place. We come to know that many people have lost their lives.

There are earth tremors during an earthquake. Sometimes these tremors are mild and not alarming in nature. Sometimes the tremors are very severe. People feel the ground rocking under their feet. On the Republic Day in 2001 there was a severe earthquake at Kutch in Gujarat. It caused much destruction to life and property.

During an earthquake, people lose their houses and even their lives. Some are trapped in houses that collapse on account of earth tremors. The Gujarat earthquake took a heavy toll of human life. Many died because they were asleep, being a holiday; enjoying a long sleep when the earthquake occurred. During an earthquake those who are awake run out in the open and save their lives. Sometimes even roads are broken up by earthquakes. One part of the road might suddenly sink because of earthquake.

Earthquake victims, like flood victims have to start life all over again. Government tries to help them to some extent. Newspapers and other social service organisations have extensive drives to collect funds for earthquake victims. They meet with a generous response from the public. It is our duty to help our destitute countrymen in their distress.

Essay On Earthquakes

Set 2: Essay On Earthquakes

A forceful shaking of the earth’s surface is called an ‘earthquake’. An earthquake is an alarming experience. It is a natural calamity. An earthquake is also known as, ‘temblor’ or ‘quake’. It is the result of a sudden release of energy within the earth. From time to time, earthquakes take place in different parts of the world.

Earthquakes are one of the greatest tragedies that ruin life and property. An earthquake of a moderate strength lasts only for a few seconds. However, a stronger quake can last for a few minutes causing regular shocks. Such quakes can cause enormous destruction. When an earthquake strikes, uneasiness spreads all over. People rush out of their houses in the open places to save their lives. However, some people are trapped in their houses that collapse with the first tremor. Those who are little late to escape are caught and crushed under the falling structures. Sometimes roads are completely broken and railway lines are twisted and uprooted. Dams, water pipes and electric lines are badly damaged resulting in floods and fire.

Three types of waves are generated after earthquake takes place. They are known as primary waves or push waves, secondary waves or share waves and surface or long waves. Primary waves have very high speed that increases while travelling through solid rocks. They reach at the surface of the earth with sudden bang. Secondary waves do not pass through liquids and are slower than primary waves. Surface waves are slow, mild and move just along the surface of the earth. They have long duration. They can be most devastating and can cause displacement of the rocks. These waves can tremor the base of manmade structures.

There are devastating effects of earthquake. When an earthquake strikes, buildings tremble and collapse leading to immense loss to life and property. Transport and communication facilities are completely disturbed as roads, railways and bridges gets devastated. At times fires break out as an impact on earthquake because electric wires and gas pipelines are ruined. The surface of the earth develops cracks leading landslides in hilly regions. This destroys the local settlements. Where there is abandon amount of ground water, it rushes out in the form of fountains. The abrupt displacement of water results in tsunamis on the coastline areas.
The sea floor shifts upward and downward abruptly.

Men are forced to face this natural disaster. Until now, no solution is found to avoid earthquakes. We are helpless in front of this natural disaster. Government and other organizations of the affected areas try to help the wounded and sufferers. Social organizations also raise funds for the earthquake victims.

Essay On Earthquakes


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