Essay On Prevention Is Better Than Cure

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Essay On Prevention Is Better Than Cure

This above quoted proverb is an old saying, which holds truth in our everyday life. This proverb advises us to be careful, thoughtful and cautious to identify and root out the cause of a trouble before it clutches us and gets serious. This proverb mainly applies to one’s physical health. People have a tendency of taking small things lightly and thus, they allow small things to pile up until they grow too powerful for them to handle. Thus, prevention is always better than cure, if we know that something with the passage of time might become dangerous then it is better to take a precautionary and protective step to fight the danger.

It is good to see a doctor when we are sick, but it would be still better not to fall sick by taking preventive and protective measures, well in advance. If we are a little cautious during seasonal changes, we may not fall sick. We should immediately visit a doctor and start the treatment, if visible symptoms of a disease are noticed, before being diagnosed with that disease. However, if we are uncaring and careless, the illness may attack us and its cure may prove costly or may be unbearable and deadly.

We can take health precautions by consuming healthy diet and making it a point to exercise daily. Regular exercise and good nutritious food will keep us away from diseases. It will also result in a healthy heart, mind and body. Similarly, wise people never wait for the deadline to come near to finish their work. They toil hard with determination and complete their work before the given time limit. This gives them the time to solve any hidden problems or difficulties that might take place during the process of their work.

The truth expressed in this proverb holds an important place in any sphere of life. Neglecting our studies throughout the year and then studying in worries when exams are around the corner indicates the truth in this proverb. There is no need to risk with the success if studies are done on time. Thus, it is better to work now and take precaution instead of fixing the damage later.

No person is perfect in his/her work. We all do mistakes at a certain point. However, with the help of act of prevention one can avoid disasters, dangers, difficulties, misunderstandings and damages. We can check ourselves from doing something wrong by thinking wisely about the things that can happen because of our negligence. We must measure our each action carefully because solving the problem will be more time consuming and painful. Thus, taking early precaution is advisable to avoid problem.

Thus, this proverb reminds us that most of our plights and misfortunes can be avoided if we judge the coming trouble and take appropriate preventions from the beginning. One can say that preventive measures lessen the strength of suffering.

Essay On Prevention Is Better Than Cure


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