Essay On Explaining Coming Late

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Essay On Explaining Coming Late

Papa, I was held up due to the electricity failure in the town. At about 9.45 p.m., when the play was approaching the climax, the lights went off. There was utter confusion in the hall. The audience as well as the actors were much agitated about what to do. I sent two of my friends to a tent house to arrange for four gas-lanterns immediately. Meanwhile, I arranged for a few candles and torches from the nearby houses. With great difficulty I managed to control the crowd.

The two boys came back with the lanterns and the play resumed. We had to enact a few interesting scenes from the play, just for the satisfaction of the public. The people cursed the municipal authorities for the failure of the lights.

By 11, every thing was over, and only then could I leave the hall, after arranging for the other participants return journey, as many of them had to travel long distances. Some girls were dropped by the escorts to their homes since the electric train had also stopped. We had to hire a few taxis too.

That was the reason Mummy, for my late return. Since I was in-charge for the staging of the play, I could not leave the stage in a chaotic condition. Hope you and Papa would not mind my late return, realising my responsibility towards my team.

Essay On Explaining Coming Late


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