Essay On Education And Its Aims

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Essay On Education And Its Aims

Education is the process of teaching, training and learning, especially in schools and colleges to improve one’s knowledge and skills. It involves all round development of a child. Good education given at an appropriate age prepares a child for a better life. It makes him a responsible citizen. Education helps a person to accept defeat. A child should first be taught the importance of education and then be encouraged to attain it.

Education is an old process. Earlier education was provided through nature. Men learned how to make fire by rubbing stones and even invented the wheal to make their several tasks easier.
The primary aim of education is the all-round growth of a person. It safeguards our inborn skills. Although today, the methods of imparting education are under great changes, some educationalists and scholars have considered certain important aims of education. The aim suggests that education should prepare an individual for life. It can root the bases of moral values in children. Moreover, education helps in minimizing our inferior needs, by replacing them with superior thoughts and actions.

A person can civilize himself through education as he is imparted with certain morals, values and principles. He can prepare himself for a prosperous social life. Thus, education is not only helpful for the improvement and advancement of an individual but also for society. We can say that education trains the child to face different challenges and combat complicated situations of life for his own existence.

Physical, mental and spiritual development of the child is well known aim of education. Education aims to make the child self-dependent. It makes him mentally tough. Education plays an important role in the development of child’s character and personality. It makes him capable enough to earn his living and achieve brilliance in his career and life.

Education produces disciplined, efficient and skilled individuals who are aware of their duties towards society. Only bookish knowledge without real-world experience cannot lead the child to a successful life. Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore was of the opinion that child should be left free in order to gather experience and to understand his own mistakes and weaknesses.

A person can succeed and prosper through education as it brings in him confidence, energy, thoughtfulness, courage and intelligence. As long as there is life, one requires education. Thus, we can say that education makes the world a much

Essay On Education And Its Aims


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