Essay On Dussehra

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Essay On Dussehra
Essay On Dussehra

Essay On Dussehra 300 Words

India is a country of different communities belonging to different religions. Many kinds of festivals are celebrated here that make our life colourful and charming. Vijayadashmi or Dussehra is one of the most auspicious festivals of Hindus. It comes on the tenth day of the Marathi month Ashwin, at the end of the rainy season.

There are so many stories related to this Dussehra festival. It has different meanings for different people. According to a mythological story, Goddess Durga killed the demon Mahishasur on this day. West Bengal celebrates the Dussehra festival as Durga Puja. In Gujarat, the Goddess is worshipped for nine days. On the last day-long processions are held and the images of Durga Mata are immersed in water.

According to Mahabharata, Prince Duryodhan refused to return to the kingdom of Pandavas. So after a long exile, the Pandavas took out their weapons hidden on the Shami tree on this day. So traditionally the leaves of this tree are given to each other. All kinds of instruments-pens, pencils, knives, and even arms, are worshipped because they are the means to fight injustice, ignorance, and evil. In some parts of the country, seeds are sown either in small pots or in some parts of the courtyard a few days before this festival. The seeds grow within a period of nine days. Sisters pluck them and put them on the ears of their brothers and apply tilak on their foreheads. They thus pray for the long life of their brothers.

It is also believed that Ram killed Ravana on this day. This was not the war between two personalities but the war between good and bad, in which the good triumphed over evil. So in the northern states, the most important part of this festival is Ram Leela. In many places, incidences related to the life of Lord Ram are staged for nine days before the festival. On the tenth day battle between Ram and Ravan is presented. Death of Ravan is staged. Huge effigies of the demons, Ravan, Kumbhakarna are burnt. This represents the victory of truth over untruth.

This festival is celebrated in our country since ancient times. It represents our culture, tradition, and heritage. The story of Ram teaches us many good things.

Essay On Dussehra


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