Essay On Five Things I Like

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Essay On Five Things I Like

All of us have our likes and dislikes. So have I, and my dislikes are many. But as for my likes, there are five things that I like the most. These are poetry, music, excursions, meeting people and reading thought-provoking books and magazines.

Being a student of literature, I have read Wordsworth, and his poems have left a lasting effect on me. Other poets of Nature who have impressed me a lot are Keats and Robinson.

Music, people say, has its effect even on trees, plants, animals and their growth. Milch cows have shown better yield of milk after listening to music. Where music is concerned is, I like Michael Jackson’s songs the most.

I have gone on excursions to almost all the nearby hill stations and health resorts. I enjoy going on educational, scientific and historical tours also.

Meeting people from various professions is another of my hobbies. I have befriends among intellectuals, artistes, actors, dancers, scientists and university professors, Reading books on Philosophy, Religion, Anthropology, World History and Literature is my last but not the least liking. I subscribe to various magazines and read books on these subjects.

Essay On Five Things I Like


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