Essay On Libraries And Their Classification

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Essay On Libraries And Their Classification

Libraries in India have very old history. In ancient times, Nalanda and Taxila were the Buddhist universities where scholars from different parts of the world used to visit them. However, in modern times libraries are becoming more and more important because of the development of the education. One cannot think education without libraries because we cannot buy all the required books. Therefore, the readers have to borrow books from the library.

Some of the important functions performed by modern libraries are collection of the books, taking care of them and making them available to the readers whenever they require. Library is a growing institution. Almost every day some or the other books are added to it. It becomes very difficult to find out a particular book until there is no proper system of arranging the books. Arrangement of books in the library is very necessary and thus, the books have to be classified.

Classification helps in arranging the books in their proper sequence. All books are given numbers. This helps the reader to place a particular book back to its original place. Once the book is taken out of the shelf and given to the reader, the reader brings it back to the library and has to be placed back on the shelf. Moreover, one book cannot be kept in the place of another book because every book has its own specific place in the library.

Dr. Ranganathan is considered as the ‘Father of Library Science’. According to him, books in the library are for the use of the readers. Therefore, the library should provide all the facilities to their readers. He strongly believes that the physical needs of the library should be satisfied. Physical needs include lights, comfortable sitting arrangements, proper air circulation and efficient staff. Moreover, it is the duty of the librarian to serve as a link between the readers and the books.

Another principle of Dr. Ranganathan is to save the time of the reader. When the readers come to the library, they are coming for some important purpose. Therefore, the staff of the library should know that their time is precious. When the reader comes in the library, he/she should be helped and attended immediately. Thus, classification of the books is very essential so that without wasting the time the reader can get the required books.

As library is a growing organization in terms of readers and books, classification is very essential to keep the readers informed about the new editions that are added to the library.

Essay On Libraries And Their Classification


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