Essay On Life Of An Indian Farmer

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Essay On Life Of An Indian Farmer

India is a land of villages. A very large part of its population lives in the villages, where agriculture is the main occupation of the people. Hence, real Indian village life is the picture of a farmer’s life.

Description: An Indian farmer is a poor being. He rises early, works very hard throughout the day. Yet he gets very little when compared with the amount of his labour. We find him very busy in his field even in the hottest part of the year, when we find it difficult even to sleep in a closed room on account of the hot winds.

He passes his time in gossips when he has nothing to do. He goes to the village chaupal where people are busy in smoking, playing cards and talks. There we sometimes find people singing folk songs very loudly.

Advantages: Wives of the villagers are their helpful partners. They do all the domestic work. They carry food to the field. Children help their mothers in the work. They draw water and collect fuel from the fields. We also find villagers enjoying pure air and using pure water. Now-a-days, we cannot find pure things anywhere except in villages.

The health of an Indian villager is generally good because he enjoys pure air and pure water and does not come in contact with the evil ways of city life.

Disadvantages: An Indian village is an abode of dirt, ignorance and unemployment. There we do not find hospitals. Roads are not good. There is no proper arrangement of sanitation. There is no post office. Generally a postman comes twice or thrice a week. There is no railway station, and no market worth the name. People are generally cut off from the new developments of the modern world. They appear to be living in the 18th century. In some villages, there is no proper arrangement for education. Children go to distant towns and cities for primary education.

Conclusion: Generally a villager is honest, hard working, poor and God fearing. His method of agriculture is old. He loves old things. He suffers from old beliefs for his manner represents the ancient era. His taste is very simple and his vices are ordinary.

Essay On Life Of An Indian Farmer


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