Essay On A True Citizen

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Essay On A True Citizen

A true citizen is a responsible member of the society. He is fully conscious of his duties and rights. He is public spirited and puts the country or the people above self. An ideal citizen considers duty first. He knows well that duty must be performed to enjoy rights. Rights and duties go hand in hand.

He makes corporate life as smooth as possible in order that all may equally benefit by it. A true citizen is a rare kind of man. Like a good friend and a good servant, he refrains from doing harm to others in any shape or form. He is law-abiding. His actions are in keeping with his words.

He does not want a privilege for himself only. He is full of toleration. He is helpful to his neighbours and useful to the State. He has a good personality. He has devotion, nobility of heart,. purity of character and honesty of purpose.
A true citizen casts his vote at the time of elections. He makes a proper use of it. He votes for a person known for efficiency, honesty and integrity. He votes for a person who believes in the unity and integrity of his country.

He works for the welfare of the weaker section of the society. He obeys faithfully the laws of his country. He pays all the taxes. He is aware that public welfare can be done by the government through taxes only.

While doing his business, he does not ignore the national affairs. In times of emergency, he is ready to make any sacrifice for his country.

Essay On A True Citizen
Essay On A True Citizen


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