Essay On Rockets

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Essay On Rockets

In 1903, a Russian school teacher Konstantin Tsiolkovski developed the first scientific idea on rocket propulsion. However, it was not until 1926, when first liquid fuel rocket was built and launched by American engineer Robert Goddard.

Rockets burn large quantity of fuel in order to make thrust that pushes them upward. Rockets are driven by stream of gases let out behind it when fuel is burnt inside. Most of the modern rockets use liquid fuel such as liquid hydrogen, which is burnt with liquid oxygen in order to produce combustion and thrust.

Rockets are launched into space from launch sites of space centre. Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA and Indian Space Research Organisation is one of the important space centres size in men is bigger than in women. It is estimated that the normal human brain weights around 1.5 kilograms.

The brain is well protected inside the bony skull. A layer of liquid cushions the brain against shocks. The outside of the brain is full of wrinkles. The largest part of the brain is cerebrum. It controls all the intelligent activities. The back of cerebrum controls the sense of vision and the front areas control thinking activities. Cerebellum which is below the cerebrum is highly developed part of the hindbrain. It maintains the posture and the equilibrium of the body. Medulla oblongata is at the lowest part of the brain. The spinal cord receives sensory information from the sense organs and sends it to the brain. It also receives orders of the brain and sends it to the muscles. Eye blinking, pupil contraction, pulling hand away from the hot or cold objects are the examples of reflex action.

The brain has the ability to take quick decisions. It takes only a tiny fraction of a second to receive the impulses, co-ordinate them, sort out the important from the unimportant, make a decision and send out the needed orders. Our brain can memorize things that we have earlier experienced and learn. It has the ability of recalling various things learned earlier. It is the most amazing organ of our body that God could have ever given to us.

Essay On Rockets


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