Essay On My True Friend And Me

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Essay On My True Friend And Me

I study in a class of sixty boys and girls. I talk, help and play with all my classmates. However, Shawn is my true and trustworthy friend. As he sits just beside me, we are classroom neighbors. Over the last two years, we have become very close friends. We go to school together and we come home together. We both are almost together for the most part of the day. I am rarely without him on the playground.

Although we are so close friends, we are very different from each other in various respects. Shawn is rather shy and quiet. He likes to stay away from crowds and does not like to talk much. Sometimes I crack jokes but they often fail to make him laugh. He loves to study in order to bring good grades. He is a studious student. He has a good habit of reading. Whenever he gets time and chance, he starts reading. He is a well-behaved and disciplined boy. He always stands first in class.

My best friend Shawn has so many good qualities, but one cannot call him sociable. He likes to remain aloof. However, he definitely enjoys my company. Maybe I am his only friend. He is a thin boy who is physically very active and energetic. As far as my physique goes, I am taller and a little fatter than Shawn.

Compared to him I am noisy. I like to talk all the time. I like to eat different kinds of food. I like to laugh long and loud, especially when there is something humorous. Although I am not as intelligent as Shawn is, I always try to keep a balance between studies and recreation. I take Shawn’s help in my studies, especially in mathematics. He is a genius in mathematics.

Although we are different in various respects, we enjoy each other’s company. For us, friendship comes first. We have always stayed together in happy and difficult times. One may often find us quarreling, debating, or even almost fighting to prove our point. However, every quarrel brings us closer. Certainly, I can say that having a true, honest, and helpful friend like Shawn is a blessing.


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