Essay On Educational Tours

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Set 1: Essay On Educational Tours

‘Travelling is education’ Sir Francis Bacon

In the earlier times people used to go on long tours to learn the realities and facts of life and to be independent. Now a days going out is a pleasure as we have got all the means of and transport telecommunication. Educational tours help the children to develop self confidence, responsibility, punctuality, tolerance and general knowledge.

Reading books in the class room situation makes the education boring but tours are a way to learn in a different way and by calming our mind. Schools and colleges should be encouraged to organize more and more educational tours to develop the personalities of the students.

Essay On Educational Tours

Set 2: Essay On Educational Tours

Travelling, according to Sir Francis Bacon the famous essayist, is education. In the earlier days, before going on long tours, people used to depart from their places with great amount of ceremony, and their friends and relatives also used to give them a warm farewell.

But with the advancement of science and new modes of travel developing, going out has become a pleasure now. Even the government allows many concessions and grants for educational tours.

The railways regularly allow concession on tours to educational and historical centres, and places of importance like the dams, powerhouses, lakes, hill stations, tourist resorts, factories, industrial-houses, gardens, sanctuaries, monuments, and so on.

When students leave their surroundings and stay out for a few days with their friends and teachers or guides, they automatically develop self-confidence, responsibility, self-reliance, tolerance and over and above all, acquire general knowledge.

Simply reading books on science, commerce, arts, medicine, management, computers, education, law, engineering, history, architecture etc. produces only bookworms. For having enlightened citizens for a better world-order, we should encourage educational tours in our schools and colleges and thus develop the overall personality of the young boys and girls.


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