Essay On Rome was not Built in a Day

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Set 1: Essay On Rome was not Built in a Day

The Splendid city of Rome in Italy took a long time to build. Much time and many efforts went into the building of that great city.

The proverb ‘Rome was not built in a day’ means that it takes a long time to do anything worthwhile in life. A child takes a long time to learn to walk. He cannot hope to run before he has learnt to walk. He must do everything step by step. In the matter of education, getting knowledge is a very slow process. It takes a lot of time to learn to read and write. Whatever the art or skill you wish to master, it is going to take you a good deal of time to master it. John Milton, the English poet took ten years to write his masterpiece “Paradise Lost” which is his great epic. The Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world, took several years to build. It is therefore proved that to do great things we require a lot of time.

Patience and persistence are the two qualities we need to do anything worthwhile in life. We must not lose patience if we find that we do not achieve quick results. We must also be persistent. We must keep on trying even if our efforts do not meet with quick success. With patience and persistence, we are bound to succeed in anything we do.

Those who have no patience and persistence may never hope to do anything worthwhile. They will never be able to put in sufficient efforts and work long enough to complete a task and they will not achieve success in life.

Set 2: Essay On Rome was not Built in a Day

The ancient Roman Empire is considered as a very beautiful and great symbol of history. The city of Rome is famous for its architectural magnificence. It has many beautiful buildings, structures, parks, gardens and fountains. However, these things were not built in a few hours or in a few days. It took pains of thousands of slaves to complete these constructions. This shows that a person simply cannot hope to achieve anything great within a day.

One must remember that only through patients, dedication, practice and hard efforts significant things can be accomplished in life. For instance writing an essay book cannot be achieved merely with computer and modern technology alone, It requires thinking, control over the language and brainwork. By using one’s imagination and hardwork such a book can be written. Similarly, if we want to succeed in life, we have to dedicate many years of our life to achieve our goal. Thus, the above quoted proverb symbolically means great things can be achieved only through determined efforts.

Building Rome had taken several years and was not build in a day. In the beginning, Rome was made only of a few villages. Then it became a citystate and later a state. Finally, it became a vast empire. So anything big and great need many years of hardwork and fearless approach to overcome the obstacles that can result in failures.

A few students do not realize the meaning of this proverb. They do not understand that studying late into the night before a few days of examinations is very unhealthy and can adversely affect the vision. Most of the students have a tendency of taking studies seriously only before a few day of the examination. The days prior to that are wasted in sleeping, eating and loitering with friends. Such a students neither do well in their examinations nor can secure good grades. However, if they succeed in examinations, they pat themselves and if they do not, they blame their luck.

It is not only in the case of studies, but also in the case of success in life. One needs steady and continuous work to achieve what is desired. Neither civilizations nor science and technology resulted due to the efforts of one individual or a single experiment. Civilizations as well as science and technology came into existence because hundreds of people enthusiastically worked for generations and thus, today we enjoy easy and comfortable life.

When we watch a sparrow making its nest, we must observe its patience and determination. A sparrow brings dry sticks and twigs from a tree in its beak, puts them between two branches, arranges and rearranges them until it finally takes the shape it wants. It never gives up. A stick may fall now and then and the wind may blow off its partly built nest but it carries on until the nest is built.

Even we must cultivate same kind of dedication. We must know that obstacles will block our path to success. Our way will be filled with difficulties and challenges. We must keep our spirit alive, until we reach the goal. In other words, the forests are dark and scary but once we cross them and reach the other end, the joy is immense and the journey becomes worth the trouble.

Essay On Rome was not Built in a Day


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