Essay On Problem of Population

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Essay On Problem of Population

India became free on 15th August, 1947. Since the dawn of Independence, we have been facing many problems. The problem of rapid increase in population is one of them. Ten million are added to our population every year. We are more than one hundred crore ill-fed, ill-nourished and ill-housed human beings. Packed class rooms, over crowded compartments and a heavy traffic on the road are a common sight.

The effect of over population is that it has caused a number of difficulties. It has made the daily life of a common man full of worries. The problems of housing, unemployment, under employment and scarcity of foodgrains are connected with it. Population would not be a problem if we have enough jobs, enough schools and houses as well. They are increasing daily. Labourers agitate. There is a call for strike. Mill owners lock out. So, there is a conflict between the employers and the employees.

The best solution of these problems is to keep the population under control. We cannot improve in general without limiting the size of the family. This is known as family planning. It is curse to have a big family now-a-days. A couple should have two or three children. In these days of soaring prices, a man does not earn enough to support a big family. We have no right to have children whom we cannot bring up with love and care. It is the duty of wise parents to give a proper education and nourishing food to their children.

There are many methods of birth control. The best method is to lead a controlled life. We should lead a pious life. The second way is the operation, use of medicines and contraceptives. Generally, people do not like to undergo operations. Right type of education is very necessary.

Our government is paying full attention to it. Family planning centres, where we can get all sorts of advice on family planning, have been started.

Essay On Problem of Population


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