Essay On Snakes

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Essay On Snakes

Snakes are dangerous animals. Most people are scared of snakes. The very sight of a snake is enough to make people run away in fear.

A snake is ugly to look at. It has no legs. Its body is long and covered with scales. It has a small head and small eyes. It has a forked tongue, A snake moves about on its belly. There are many different kinds of snakes. Some like water snakes or grass snakes are not poisonous. There are other snakes like the Cobra, the Viper and the Krait whose bite proves almost always fatal. Others like the boa constrictor and the python are very long and thick. A python can be even sixty feet long. The rattle snake of America makes a rattling sound as it creeps.

Snakes eat birds, frogs and rats. Bigger snakes like the python and the boa constrictor swallow cattle or human beings whole. The rattle snake hides up in a tree, or among rocks. It is extremely poisonous. When a poisonous snake bites a man it injects poison into him. It has two sharp hollow teeth known as fangs. As soon as these fangs pierce the skin of a man poison flows through them into his body. That is why people die of snakebite.

In places like the Haffkine Institute in Mumbai, cobras are kept so that poison can be extracted from them. This poison is used to prepare an antidote to snake bite. If a man who is bitten by a snake is given an injection of this antidote immediately after the bite, he can get cured. We see from this that scientists have found a cure for a poisonous snake bite. Snakes are mostly found in tropical places. People in cold countries do not live in fear of snakes.

Essay On Snakes


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