Essay On Where There is a will ,There ia s way

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Essay On Where There is a will ,There ia s way

A strong will is what we need to succeed in life. If we are determined to work hard, no task will be too difficult. We will keep on working and struggling in order to succeed.

No difficulty is too great for people who are determined to do things. For example, when our country was under foreign rule, it was a difficult task to fight for independence. Yet men like Gandhiji were determined to fight for freedom. Their strong will and determination helped them to win independence for our country without the use of any weapons. It is moral strength that helped them to succeed in their work.

There are many instances of people who have attained greatness in spite of being poor and handicapped. Abraham Lincoln was born very poor. Yet his determination helped him to educate himself and become the President of the U. S. A. In our own country we have a similar example of Lal Bahadur Shastri. Hellen Keller managed to become great in spite of the handicaps of blindness, dumbness and deafness. Great people sweep aside all obstacles in their path and manage to reach their goal.

If people are unsuccessful in life, they have only themselves to blame for their failure. Only those who have weak wills complain about difficulties and stop trying to do great things.

Essay On Where There is a will ,There ia s way


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