Essay On Henpecked Husband

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Early in the morning he gets up, and prepares a cup of tea before the lady stirs out of her sound slumber, and shows signs of being up and awake for the day. After tea, he brings the newspaper from the gate and taking the dog and the basket goes out for the morning stroll and milk.

Returning home he dusts the furniture, wipes the shelves, changes bedsheets, and arranges the wardrobe. After a quick shave and bath, he is ready to peel potatoes, and bring the other necessary groceries for the kitchen. Then he is busy sending children to school, polishing shoes, washing the vehicle, and trimming the plants, or mowing the lawn before going to office. At times he spreads the washing on the line, or even washes the clothes, left in the bathroom, as it saves him from nagging.

Back home, the same routine continues: tea-cups, vegetables, kitchen duties, teaching kids, doing homework for them, and maintaining accounts for the money spent by him, if the lady happens to be a working type, and thus equally or mostly busy.

On holidays and Sundays his work increases due to visitors. He notes down the phone-calls for the lady and tries to please her in more than one way.

Essay On Henpecked Husband


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