Essay On Scenes during a School Recess

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Essay On Scenes during a School Recess

The bell rings for the recess, children rush out of their classrooms in different directions. All want to make the most of their recess time.

Some children rush to the school playground. They run about and chase one another. They shout and enjoy themselves. Some others rush to the water cooler and drink water. They slake their thirst and playfully splash water on one another.

Those who are studious, sit in a corner and read their story books or magazines. Students bring with them eatables from home. They enjoy these, and share them with their friends during the recess. Others make their way towards the school canteen. The children buy eatables from there. Some children drink soft drinks.

Soon the bell rings and the recess is over. The children make a dash for their respective classrooms. There is peace and quiet once more in the school compound.

Essay On Scenes during a School Recess


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