Essay On Socio-Economic Problems Of Rural Community

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Essay On Socio-Economic Problems Of Rural Community

Compared to urban community, even today, rural community is backward. Slow development is the main problem faced by people living in rural community. Casteism, gender inequality, evil practices and problems of ill health are some of the social problems found by the rural people. On the other hand, backward agriculture, unemployment, economic inequality, poverty, indebtedness and lack of sufficient facilities are some of the economic problems found in rural community.

Casteism is damaging the unity of rural people. Even today, in some rural areas one finds the dominance of upper castes. Crimes are committed against the lower caste people. Moreover, rural society is a male dominant society. Women are restricted to household duties and upbringing the children. They do not enjoy the power of decisionmaking. Female education is not given much importance. Girls are married at tender ages.

Although child marriages are legally prohibited, they are practiced in some rural areas. Uneducated and orthodox rural people are not in the favour of inter-caste marriages. Dowry is illegal, but still taking and giving high dowry is regarded as a symbol of social prestige among the rural people.

Cases of torturing and killing bride for dowry have become common. Poverty, ignorance, unhygienic conditions, limited medical and health facilities, habits like smoking and consumption of alcohol, superstitions, etc. have contributed to ill health of rural people.

Most of the farmers are poor. They do not make use of modern means of production like chemical fertilizers, high breed seeds, pesticides, equiptments, etc. Due to lack of irrigational facility and unpredictable monsoon, the productivity of agriculture suffers.

Increasing population, division and subdivision of land holdings and seasonal nature of agriculture provides employment in agriculture for half a year. For rest of the year they have to remain unemployed. Due to industrial development, large number of handicraft workers and artisans in cottage industry has become unemployed. Educated unemployment is also seen in rural community. Educated people remain jobless for long even after completing their education.

Nearly 40% of rural population live below poverty line. They find it difficult to fulfil their basic needs. Moreover, due to inadequate financial abilities they have to borrow money from private moneylenders at a very high rate of interest. For repaying their debts, they are forced to mortgage their land, home or cattle to the moneylenders. Moreover, one finds unequal distribution of land in rural community. A few Zamindars have occupied major portion of land while majority of the farmers occupy very less area of land. Large portion of agricultural production is taken by Zamindars and small share goes to farmers and land less labourers.

It is found that rural life is painful and hard. Even today, many villages are facing shortage of pure drinking water facilities and electricity. Various other things like infrastructural development of roads, railways, modern means of communication, schools, hospitals, etc. are also lacking.

Essay On Socio-Economic Problems Of Rural Community


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