Essay On Why Walking Is A Miraculous Exercise?

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Essay On Why Walking Is A Miraculous Exercise

Walking is an important form of exercise. Some people walk for pleasure and some walk to maintain good health. It is said that the right and the left leg of every person are his two health helpers. Pair of legs is used by the person for walking, jogging and running. Walking is slower than jogging and running is faster that both walking and jogging. Factors such as person’s age, weight, height, effort and his fitness plays an important part in his speeds to perform these activities.

The usual walking speed of a person is about five kilometres per hour. Walking is a natural body movement. Thus, it is a miraculous exercise for fat or overweight people. Walking is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make ourselves fit. Experts believe that regular walking is very essential. Nonstop walking for a period of thirty to sixty minutes a day is good for one’s health.

Making walking a habit has many health benefits. Risk of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity are reduced. It also helps the person to have a peaceful sleep. Life of a person increases. Bones, especially hipbone become strong and remain healthy. Doctors say that that physical activities are important for healthy life and walking is one of the stress-free physical activities. For walking, we need to have a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

Walking can be done almost anywhere and at any time. An enthusiastic walk is the easiest exercise for most people, as one does not require costly machines for exercise. Many old people take walking as a form of exercise to stay active, healthy and fit. Walking is the most natural exercise known by us. Calf muscles are said to be another heart of man. While walking, these muscles pump the blood to the heart with all force. This leads to heart exercise, increase in the level of fresh oxygen in the body and better blood flow. Thus, it reduces the dangers of a heart attack. Walking also decreases tiredness.

The pain in lower back, which is a common problem among people, disappears. Above all, the body acquires its proper shape. Many studies have shown mental benefits of walking. Moreover, walking daily reduces worries, stiffness of the body and improves one’s temper. For all these reasons, walking is regarded as a miraculous exercise. However, benefits of walking cannot be seen in a few days or months. One must include walking as a form of exercise in daily life style. This will surely lead to stress and disease free life.

Essay On Why Walking Is A Miraculous Exercise


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