Essay On The Autobiography of a School Clock

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Essay On The Autobiography of a School Clock

I hang on the wall of a school office and I ornament it. But I am not only ornamental. I am useful too. I am sure you would like to hear my lifehistory.
My birth place is Switzerland, that beautiful country in central Europe. A watch dealer brought me to India and put me in his show-case. The headmaster of a High School bought me, and took me to his office.

My active life began as soon as I reached his school. I was hung on the wall opposite the office door. I always showed the correct time. So my master had no fault to find with me. In fact, he was quite pleased with my work.

It was a matter of pleasure and pride for me to watch the pupils and teachers running at my call of duty. In all my years of service, I have witnessed many happy and unhappy events in this school. I have never neglected my duty. I remember only two occasions when I failed to do my duty. But then it was no fault of mine. Once the peon forgot to wind me. So I stopped working. The other occasion was when a mischievous boy put my hands back by ten minutes. No one was late the next day. I greatly enjoyed that funny trick.

Now I am on the verge of retirement. I am thankful to God for having given me a long life of forty years. am happy that I have always done my duty. I have lived a long and useful life. So I can look back with pride upon my past. I can also look forward to enjoying my retirement after which I shall soon be forgotten.

Essay On The Autobiography of a School Clock


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