Essay On The Autobiography of a Cricket Ball

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Essay On The Autobiography of a Cricket Ball

I am now in a completely shattered condition. Though I am useless now, I once led an active and exciting life. So I shall tell you my tale if you have the patience to listen to it.

I looked smart and strong as I lay with other sorts of goods in the display of a sports shop. One morning, the secretary of a Cricket Club came to my master’s shop. As soon as he noticed me, he fell in love with me at first sight. He lost no time in buying me.

The next day I was taken to the play-ground. Everyone liked my smooth skin and bright red colour. That day stands out in my memory because on that day I appeared on the open field in a great match. The game started, the bowler began to bowl me towards the batsman. The batsman hit me very hard. I often ran to the boundary. The spectators were pleased and excited. They cheered and danced with joy. But alas ! they got their pleasure from my pain. The players continued to hit me very hard. But I patiently bore all this ill-treatment to please the spectators.

Continuous hitting began to tell upon my beauty. I lost my former beauty. I became unfit for work. I began to show signs of wear and tear. Then I was discarded and given to the club peon. Now the club peon’s son plays with me. He hits me, kicks me and knocks me around. Oh! what a fall I have suffered. But such is life—one rises only to fall.

Essay On The Autobiography of a Cricket Ball


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