Essay On The Autobiography Of A Good-For Nothing Hunter

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Essay On The Autobiography Of A Good-For Nothing Hunter

I am a hunter. I hunt small and weak animals in a forest near my village. I am very brave as I can even hunt strong and big wild animals. I manage my living by hunting. However, some people in village have doubts on my bravery. One day I will prove how brave I am.

Once I had gone hunting in the forest. I saw a dead lion under a tree. I watchfully went close to the lion to see if he was dead. On checking, I decided to take the dead lion to the village and tell the villagers that I had killed him. I thought that the foolish villagers would believe me and consider me as a very brave hunter. Thus, I shot two bullets from my rifle at the dead lion, so that the people would believe me. As soon as I reached the village with the dead lion, all the villagers started believing that I had killed the lion. They began to praise me for my bravery. I felt very honoured. They also said that they were proud of me.

Soon I started living a comfortable life in the village. Every time I would bluff stories of my bravery and they would believe me. I enjoyed fooling them. I have been given a good home to stay. I eat good food and get different gifts. The only work that I had to do is to tell them fake stories of my bravery.

One day a tiger broke into the village. The tiger carried a goat with him. People were afraid and started running here and there. They approached me for help. I realised that I was caught in my own web. I had no other choice but to take up the challenge. Accompanied by two villagers, I entered the forest. I acted to be brave but was scared at the thought of facing the tiger. I had never faced a tiger.

Soon we came across a man. On seeing me, he thanked God that He had send me to kill the tiger. Hearing this, I could hardly control my fear. Suddenly a roar was heard and the tiger appeared in front of us. I immediately threw my rifle and climbed up a nearby tree. The two villagers who had accompanied me thought that I was so brave that I needed no rifle to kill the tiger. They thought that I would jump from the tree and pounce over the tiger. However, soon they were surprised to see me trembling with fear. Seeing this one of them picked up the rifle and shot the tiger. The tiger fell dead.

Seeing the tiger dead, I climbed down the tree and ran away. I will never return to that village and my false stories will not be heard any longer.

Essay On The Autobiography Of A Good-For Nothing Hunter


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