Essay On An Hour On Railway Platform

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Essay On An Hour On Railway Platform
Essay On An Hour On Railway Platform

Set 1: Essay On An Hour On Railway Platform

A railway station is one of the busiest places I have ever seen. It is busy throughout the day and even at night. The great rush of passengers, the hawkers, the porters, the whistling engines, loud announcements -all these adds to the noise on the station.

Last Sunday I went to the railway station with my father to receive my uncle. My uncle was visiting Pune for the first time. There was a great rush of vehicles, taxis, rickshaws, and porters outside the station. People were carrying their luggage and heeding towards the platform. There was a long queue on the ticket window. We bought a platform ticket and entered the platform. The train was delayed, so we had to wait for some time.

There was a great rush on the platform. There were stalls of books, eatables, newspapers, and small articles. Passengers were running around with their luggage. Trains were arriving and leaving every five minutes. Most of the trains were overcrowded. There was a TC near the bridge, checking tickets. The other railway staff was busy with their respective duties

The porters were rushing about with their loads. Some passengers were sitting and some were reading a newspaper. Some were fast asleep. I wondered how they could sleep in such a noisy place. There were people from every corner of the country. The platform was representing a miniature of our country. An announcer was calling out the arrival and the departure of the trains. This information was also displayed on a big display board. They were talking to each other in their respective languages.

Soon after some time, my uncle’s train arrived. We welcomed him and helped him with his luggage. We then took a taxi returned home. It was really a memorable experience.

Set 2: Essay On An Hour on a Railway Platform

My uncle was to arrive from Mumbai. So I accompanied my father to the station to receive him. We arrived at the station and stood on the platform. We were told that the train was about an hour late. This is why we had to spend on hour waiting on the railway platform.

Many people were seen on the platform. All were not travellers. Some had come to see their relations off Others had come to receive their relatives. Hawkers selling tea, coffee, sweet drinks and all kinds of eatables walked up and down the length of the platform. They shouted their wares. Several people brought things from them. Coolies also kept busy carrying people’s luggage, and depositing it wherever they were asked to. The time drew near for the train to arrive. People became more and more restless.

Soon the sound of a whistle was heard. The train came in and stopped on the platform. Then there was much disorder and confusion. People hurried to and fro. They pushed themselves into the train.

People who had to alight stepped out of the train. They shouted for coolies to carry their luggage. We saw my uncle standing at the door of coach no. S-3. We immediately went their and received him. He had a small trolley bag and a small hand bag so we did not need a coolie.

It was time for the train to leave. The noise and rush decreased. Some people arrived on the platform just as the train was leaving. They were too late and missed the train. You should have seen the look on their faces. I really felt sorry for them. Well I suppose most people do to miss a train of some time or other in their lives.

We left the platform and got out of the station. I couldn’t believe how quickly time passed as I had got so caught up in the commotion on the platform before and after the arrival of the train.

Essay On An Hour On Railway Platform


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