Essay On The Life Of A Patriot

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Essay On The Life Of A Patriot
Essay On The Life Of A Patriot

Essay On The Life Of A Patriot

Patriotism means love and affection for one’s own country. It is not an ordinary love. It is a valuable and most natural feeling. Patriotism teaches unusual courage and confidence to men and women who actually achieve heroic acts beyond their normal powers.

A patriot is deeply fond of his/her motherland. Being a patriot is the best quality that a person can have. A patriot is always ready to lay down his life for his country. Some people misuse the self-sacrificing nature of a patriot to reach their selfish goals. Thus, it is necessary to know true patriotism.

The life of a patriot is full of loyalty towards his country. Until a loyal patriot dies, he is proud of being a citizen of that country. He loves his country selflessly. He never forgets to praise the successes of patriots belonging to other countries. A true patriot never believes in force to achieve his goals. He remains worried throughout his life that his country should follow the path of honesty rather than being only a powerful and dominant country. A patriot in his entire life never shows more

respect to his own nation by disrespecting the other nation. He knows that hating other nations will result in war and other problems. A real patriot hates fighting. He tries to bring out solutions in a peaceful way. He always works to bring harmony, goodwill, and unity among his fellow citizens.

A patriot leads a risky life full of dangers. He may not have a permanent place to stay and sometimes has to sleep empty stomach. He sacrifices his family life and other needs. He travels to different parts of the entire country to solve the problems of people. He does not care for his health and is not afraid to say the truth. He speaks the truth all the time and struggles for the rights of others. He sincerely serves the people of his country in all ways possible.

Just as care and love unite the family members, the spirit within a patriot unites various people of the nation into a strong tie. The life of a patriot is spent for his people and cultivating friendship with other nations. However, if a war breaks out, he is the first to fight for his motherland. He cheerfully sacrifices his life, if the situation so demands.

Essay On Patriotism


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