Essay On How Did First Life Begin On Earth?

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Essay On How Did First Life Begin On Earth?

The Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years old. The early years on the Earth were completely hostile to life. Today, besides humans, we see countless variety of creatures around us that includes animals, birds and insects. We also find plants and trees. All of them are living beings. However, there was a point, which led to the beginning of life on the Earth.

To find the source of life on the Earth, experts found new things through different studies. They studied the bodies of dead persons, remains of animals, birds, plants and humans that lived on the Earth billions of years ago. Experts have carried out diggings at different places on the Earth.

This has made possible for them to collect different remains, bones and parts of rocks from the ground. This has also helped them to collect important information on the origin and existence of living being of early time.

Experts and scientists have discovered that life on the Earth began with the unicellular organism called ‘amoeba’. Living organisms that are produced from the smallest unit of leaving matter that can exist on its own are called unicellular organisms. This happened nearly 600 million years ago. Marine life developed for first 350 million years. Later reptiles and then mammals grew on the Earth. The birth of man is traced back to a million year.

Scientists have explained that plants and animals are made of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and various other substances. Long before the origin of the unicellular life, all these essential things for life must have been existed on the Earth. It has to be thought that how these important substances came to the Earth. Certain studies have shown that these substances came into existence due to electric releases.

The early atmosphere of the Earth was poisonous. Constant asteroid clashing shook the land into a worldwide ocean of melted rocks. As soon as the environment settled down to be fit for human habitation, life appeared. During the same time, Earth was very hot and the sky was overcast with clouds. Lightning and thunder were common. The release of electricity during lightening led to the chemical mixture of the particles present in the gasses. This resulted in the formation of essential substances like portions, carbohydrates, etc. This finally gave birth to the first life on Earth through single cell organism called ‘amoeba’.

Essay On How Did First Life Begin On Earth


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