Essay On What You Know About Elephants And Their Trunks?

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Essay On What You Know About Elephants And Their Trunks?

The elephant is the largest and the strongest living terrestrial animal on the Earth. It has thick legs and huge sides. It has a small tail and large ears. Its eyes are small. It has two great ivory tusks and long nose called “trunk’. They use their tusks as weapons for defence. For chewing food, they have teeth inside the mouth.

The elephants live in herds. Each heard has ten to twenty elephants. They keep on moving in the forests. The African elephants and the Asian elephants are the two classes of elephants. A male African elephant can reach a height of 13 feet and a weigh of 7,000 kilograms. African elephants look brown or reddish after they roll themselves in water and mud. They have larger ears, back curving in, more wrinkled skin, a sloping belly and two fingerlike extensions at the tip of the trunk.

Asian elephants have smaller ears, a level back, smoother skin and one figure extension at the tip of the trunk. In general, Asian elephants are smaller than their African cousins are.The trunk of the elephant is a very important organ. It cannot exist without it. The elephants pick their food with the help of their long trunks and keeps it into their mouth. Thus, a trunk helps the elephant as its hand. A trunk is the extension of the elephant’s nose and upper lip. The trunk has nearly forty thousand muscles. Long trunk is needed by the elephants because their heavy heads cannot be carried on a long neck.

Due to thousands of muscles in elephant’s trunk, it is very flexible and strong. It can easily lift or pull heavy wooden logs with its trunk. It drinks water with the help of the trunk. It can soak up to eight litres of water in the trunk and can pour that over its back. Thus, the trunk is useful to the animal in different ways.

The trunk of the elephants has two nostrils, through which it breathes. Moreover, the trunk serves as an indicator for the mood of an elephant. The elephant can protect other elephants by its trunk. When it senses danger, it uses its trunk as a punching or pushing weapon.

To conclude, although the walk of an elephant appears very clumsy and heavy, they can move very quickly when they want. The average life of an elephant is 70 to 80 years. They prefer to stay near water. During their life, they communicate by touch, sight, different smells and sounds.


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