Essay On I Wish We Value Trees

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Essay On I Wish We Value Trees

Plants are very important for us. We all know that just like other living things, trees are valuable. Trees beatify our surroundings, keep air fresh and pure, blocks sound and produce oxygen. Trees also help us in saving our energy by giving pleasant and cool atmosphere during summers. Trees help us in reducing our stress and worries. However, many people do not realize the advantages of trees.

While performing the process of photos synthesis all green plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Trees help in maintaining low levels of carbon dioxide in the air. Thus, trees reduce the level of heat that is increasing on the Earth. Trees prevent food shortage and cause rainfall. They are also beneficial for soil. The roots of the trees hold the soil on one place. This prevents erosion.

Babul, Dhaora, Salat, Kulu and Bigasal are some types of trees, which produce gum. Gum is used for different purpose. It is an excellent resource of international trade. We get turpentine from maple trees, which is used in colour and paint industries.

Insects and animals like elephants, giraffes and monkeys eat the leaves of trees. Sometimes fallen dead leaves are also eaten. Monkeys eat flowers and fruits like banana. Birds, bats and some insects eat nectar from the flowers. Trees also provide shelter to many birds who build their nests on the branches. Certain birds like hornbills and woodpeckers’ nest in holes in trees.

Timber is provided from trees. Timber is used as a building material because it is strong as well as light. It is specially used to construct roof of the buildings. Different kinds of furniture are also produced from timber. Sports equipment and matchsticks are made from timber. Paper is made from the pulp available from trees. Moreover, various other parts of the tree are used in medicine. Indian rubber is produced from a type of gum (latex) that comes from the bark of certain trees.

Trees provide us fresh fruits, wood, natural herbs and many other valuable things. They are great producers of eatable fruits like bananas, nuts, apples, oranges, litchis and many more. Many fruits are important from economic point of view. Therefore, trees must be valued by us. We should increase afforestation.

Unfortunately, trees are being cut in the name of industrialization, urbanization and population growth. In this way, men have caused harm to the environment. It is the need of the hour to plant more and more trees. Green plants are very useful for the existence of life on Earth. Thus, we should preserve them.

Essay On I Wish We Value Trees


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