Essay On A Brave Deed

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Essay On A Brave Deed

Last year, in the month of June, there was a big fire in my neighborhood shops. The gutted shops were mainly of jute and plastic dealers. There were three godowns, of plastic toys and two sales depots of jute and gunny bags. One fireman did a marvellous job there. He was later granted two special increments by the Fire Station Officers.

The fire was first reported at about 2 a.m. and the fire engines reached the spot around 2.15 a.m. It took them eight hours to extinguish the raging blaze. Luckily, there was no casualty. The staff of these shops was caught unawares. Two of them fainted due to shock. It was here that the fireman made them sit, for two whole hours, under his care. He seemed to be everywhere, looking after the people in distress. He rendered firstaid to some of the victims of the fire. He telephoned the local hospital and called for doctors to look after these men.

When he came to know that an old man was trapped in a godown, without caring for his own safety, he immediately climbed the roof of a burnt shop with the help of a rope ladder and brought the old man out with the assistance of two other workers of the shop.

He was praised by everyone for his brave deed.

Essay On A Brave Deed


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