Essay On A Day When Everything Went Wrong

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Essay On A Day When Everything Went Wrong

It was the tenth of March. The day everythink went wrong with me. It is generally believed that thirteen is an unlucky number. But my experiences on the tenth of March of a certain year made me feel that I was right in considering ten as an unlucky number and not thirteen.

That day I had to get up earlier than usual. | wanted to revise my lessons before going for my exam. My alarm clock did not ring. I remained asleep. I suddenly woke up when it was bright. The room was flooded with light. I jumped out of bed at 7 a. m. I had only half an hour to get ready and catch the bus to go to school.

I dressed in a hurry and went to swallow a glass of milk. There was no time for break-fast. Picking up my-books, I rushed to the bus-stop. I found that the school bus had just left. I had to wait for the public bus. That meant a further delay. At long last, the bus came but it took only two passengers. I was third in the queue. I begged of the conductor to take me in, but he refused. He pushed me out when I tried to enter the bus forcibly. I fell on the road. All my books were scattered about. I felt very unhappy and, humiliated. I picked up my books, and waited for the next bus.

The next bus took me to school ten minutes late. The teacher shouted at me as I tried to enter the class. He sent me to the Principal. The Principal scolded me for coming late. I had already lost thirty minutes. I would not be able to finish my paper as was going to start late.

The paper was given to me. I found it difficult to write anything. In my nervousness, I had forgotten everything. I gave up a blank paper. The whole day went badly for me.

I returned home unhappy in the evening. My elder brother met me at the gate. He said that my fouryear-old brother had fallen and hurt himself very badly. He had probably fractured his arm.

My mother was very upset. My little brother had been admitted to the hospital. Thus the entire day was unlucky for me. I hope I shall never have such a bad day in my life again.

Essay On A Day When Everything Went Wrong
Essay On A Day When Everything Went Wrong


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