Essay On When My Vehicle Failed

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Essay On When My Vehicle Failed

I pride myself on my punctuality. My most miserable hour was when I found myself helplessly held up because of my car. That fateful day, when keeping my appointment was vital for my career, I was late. Reaching in time for an interview is imperative for success. So, I took my father’s car to go to Nehru Place. I had to reach there by 10.30 a.m.

I left my house at 9 a.m. and decided to go by the Express Highway, hoping that there would be less traffic and I would be able to move fast. But before I could reach the Express Highway, I was caught in a traffic jam. I could proceed only after the loss of ten precious minutes.

I knew I would have to push the accelerator if I were to reach in time. But it seemed that all traffic lights were against me. Every few minutes I had to stop. I heaved a sigh of relief when I reached a stretch of road where there weren’t many traffic lights.

But my relief was shortlived. To my utter dismay one of the wheels got punctured. There was no garage nearby. I had to push the car for nearly ten minutes, before I could leave it safely. It took me another ten minutes to get conveyance. Even then I could not reach the place in time. On explanation and special request, I was interviewed but the outcome was sealed by my reaching, late.

The car, which I had hoped would take me to the place of interview, well in time, failed me. I was late because of it. If only I had gone by bus !


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