Essay On A House on Fire

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Set 1: Essay On A House on Fire

One night, before I went to sleep at 10,30 p.m., I heard a cry of alarm. I looked out of my window. I saw a building on the opposite side of the street was on fire. My father and I rushed to the spot.

All kinds of people young and old were rushing out of the burning building. Some of them were in their nightclothes. They had been asleep when the fire broke out. Some were carrying small bundles containing their money and valuables. They had snatched these and rushed out to save their lives.
The flames shot high up in the air. Clouds of black smoke rose in the sky. There was a red glow that could be seen for miles around. Some people were trapped inside the building. They had been asleep and had no time to escape. We could hear their cries of distress.

Soon the Fire Brigade arrived on the scene. They placed tall ladders against the walls and rescued the people who were trapped in the building. Then they directed their water hose on the fire and tried to put out the flames. They fought the fire very bravely for four hours. At last it was brought under control.

The fire was controlled, but not before it had done great damage. About three floors of the building had collapsed. Many families were homeless. They had lost almost everything they had. It was an unfortunate accident.

Essay On A House on Fire
Essay On A House on Fire

Set 2: Essay On A House on Fire

In the evening of last Sunday I found that the house of our neighbour had caught fire. The flames were rising to the sky. Suddenly I heard shouts of “Fire, Fire!” I woke up at once and looked out in the street. I saw a house on fire.

I ran downstairs and reached the place. Many people had collected there. They were running with buckets full of water and bags full of sand. What a terrible scene I saw that day!

But it did not prove of much help. A strong wind was blowing. Some cries were heard from inside the house. The house belonged to a doctor.

Soon some fire-engines reached the spot. Two firemen entered the burning house. They helped the doctor’s family to come out. Fortunately no one was killed.

The fire was brought under control. The building was reduced to ashes. The shopkeeper had suffered a great loss. It was a very fearful sight.

Set 3: Essay On A House on Fire

I was fast asleep yesterday night in my room. It was 12 a.m. All of a sudden, I was awakened by a loud commotion and the noise of footsteps. The people were crying “fire”! “fire”! I got up and looked outside the window. I saw that the house of our neighbour was on fire.

I ran down the stairs and joined the crowd that had gathered outside the burning house. The house was completely engulfed in the flames, which were leaping to the sky. There was a big cloud of smoke. The owner was shocked and very nervous. He was too stunned to speak any words. Some women were crying and hurrying here and there. They did not know what to do.

There was a great excitement and endless hurry. Some people were throwing sand on the fire and others were bringing buckets full of water. I also joined them and we tried our best to put out the fire. However, we could not do much to bring the fire under control.

Soon the fire brigade arrived and the firemen rushed out. They immediately started fighting the fire. They fought the fire bravely and whole-heartedly and brought it under control in about one hour.

There was a great loss of property but luckily, there was no loss of life. The fire had started due to an electric short-circuit. Everyone present there sympathised with the affected family. It was really an unlucky day which I cannot forget for a long time. Sometimes, man has no control over such calamities which cause massive destruction of property.

Set 4: Essay On A House on Fire

Fire is a good servant but a bad master. Like all other accidents, fire accidents also usually take place because of some human failure.

The result is, however, disasterous. Fire spreads quickly and can cause huge loss to life and property. A terrible fire accident took place in my neighbourhood last week.

It was midnight. I was having a sound sleep on the roof of the house. Suddenly, I head the cries, “Fire! Fire!” At first, I thought I was only dreaming. But soon I heard a loud noise and the sound of heavy footsteps in the street. I stood up from my bed and looked around. It did not take me much time in realizing that the house of a wealthy merchant some seven or eight houses away was on fire as the sky was all lit with flames and fiery sparks.

I scampered downstairs in no time and rushed to the venue of the fire. The shining, sharp-tongued flames were bursting out of every nook and corner of the palatial house. The owners were on the street. They were beating their breasts helplessly. Their half-burnt household articles were lying scattered here and there. A large crowd of people had gathered there. Some were bringing buckets full of water and sand. The others were emptying the same on flames, but in vain.

It was discovered that the little child of the merchant was left in the house. The child’s mother was trying to rush towards the burning house and the people were holding her back. Spontaneously I rushed inside the house at great risk of my life and brought the child unharmed in my arms. I got some burns which were later cured in a hospital.

All the people held their breath. The child’s mother sobbed and hugged the baby. She kissed my forehead, saying, “My son!” She could not even utter words to thank me. Meanwhile two fire brigade engines arrived and brought the fire under control in about an hour. The adjoining houses were fortunately saved. Loss to property was estimated at four lakhs, but thank God, there was no loss of life.

It was then learnt that the embers left burning in the hearth which was placed in the courtyard had caused the fire, the softly blowing wind having further fanned it.

Set 5: Essay On A House on Fire

As we all know “fire” can be your friend and also your worst enemy. From early times when man found he could light a fire, he made good use of it. Today we often hear of forest fires and houses being burned to the ground.

Once in the early hours of the morning I was awakened by loud shouts of “Fire! Fire”. I got out of bed and ran downstairs and into the street.

I thought our house was on fire, but I soon realized it was the second building from ours that was on fire.

A number of people were already there, looking at the fourth storey from where thick clouds of smoke were gushing out of every window. People were screaming and children were crying. I was so frightened that my legs couldn’t move and my hands seemed to be stuck to my sides. This was my first and most horrible experience of seeing a house on fire.

Before I reached the street, someone must have phoned the Fire Brigade, because within a short time six fire engines arrived with bells clanging. The firemen wasted no time in releasing the hose pipe and spraying water on the building. While this was being done, tall ladders were raised up to the fourth floor and men climbed through the windows to try and get to the people trapped inside.

It was a miracle that the fire did not spread much and within an hour it was extinguished. A few people were injured some were choked by the smoke while others were in shock. The burn victims were taken to the hospital for treatment. It was hours later that people returned to their homes


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