Essay On A Rainy Day

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Essay On  A Rainy Day
Essay On A Rainy Day

Set 1: Essay On A Rainy Day

We experience many seasons in India, like summer, winter, and monsoon. All seasons are equally important. But the rainy season is my favorite season. I like to watch the rain for hours from our balcony. I like the sweet smell of the clay after the first showers.

It was the month of June. But the atmosphere was still very hot. Hot winds were blowing. Our school reopened after long summer vacation. So I had to attend school. The condition in the school was more terrible. The ceiling was hot. Fans were of no use. But by afternoon the situation suddenly changed. The sky was completely overcast. It became very dark. We had to put on the lights. The wind started howling loudly. There was thunder and lightning. Soon after a while, it started raining heavily. It was raining so heavily that water started coming inside our classroom through the windows. All the classrooms became wet. Our school ground turned into a shallow pond of water.

It stopped raining after one to two hours. Till then we had to wait in the school. The teacher allowed us to leave only after that. The roads and houses looked clean. All the dirt and garbage had drained away. The birds were chirping merrily. The trees looked fresh and happy. People who were standing in the shelter now heeded towards their houses. There were channels of rainwater along the roadside. We started playing in this water. We splashed the muddy water on each other. We made some paper boats and enjoyed floating them in the running water. The atmosphere had totally changed. It was cool and comfortable. The breeze was pleasing.

When I reached home, I was fully wet with mud sprinkled on my clothes. My mother asked me to go and change clothes. Then she served me hot milk and nice snacks. Thus, I enjoyed my first day in school along with the rain.

Essay On A Rainy Day

Set 2: Essay On A Rainy Day

Rain is both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes we like rains but some times we do not like them.

Clouds appeared in the sky. As I got into the bus, it started raining. It was a very heavy down pour. Soon the roads were flooded. Traffic came to a standstill.

I got down from the bus. Soon I was fully drenched. There was water everywhere. It started entering the low lying shops. Benches and chairs began to float in the water. The people started running to protect themselves from the rain. The people inside the buses too got wet.

It rained continuously for two hours. All activities came to a standstill. The rain caused water logging everywhere. The roads were damaged due to the heavy and continuous rain.

Essay On A Rainy Day
Essay On A Rainy Day

Set 3: Essay On A Rainy Day

When rains make the weather cool, water the rice fields and soak into the hard cracked soil then it is good for all. However, when it rains too much, causing floods everywhere, destroying houses and crops, then it is bad. There was a day when it rained and I did not like it.

I awoke to find that it was quite cloudy and so dark, that I thought it was not time to get up. Mother’s call from the kitchen, “Breakfast is ready”, made me jump out of bed. As I entered the dining room I asked my mother, “Should I go to school today? It looks like it is going to rain heavily.” Mother told me not to make excuses but have my breakfast and be on my way.

On reaching school I found that there were not so many children around. Classes started as usual. Many children in my section were absent. Everything was all right till just before the tiffin break. Suddenly there were flashes of lightning followed by loud cracks of thunder. I ran and hid under my desk in fright. Within a few minutes it started raining, first big drops which soon turned into a heavy shower. None of us could leave the classroom. As it continued raining I stood at the window and watched the football field slowly filling up with water. It was past going-home time, but it did not stop raining. Now the whole school was flooded.

I started crying thinking I would have to stay in school, as all my friend had gone home and I was sitting in the principal’s office. When my mother did come she was drenched. We had to walk home through the floods. Mother said, “I’m sorry, son, I should have listened to you.

Set 4: Essay On A Rainy Day

A rainy day begins with a cloudy morning. We hear the thunder of clouds and see flashes of lightning. The whole atmosphere is changed and sometimes it becomes very dark. Nobody likes to go out.

Then, suddenly there is a downpour of rain. Pattering sound is heard. Very soon it becomes water, water and water everywhere. The roads, the drains, the ponds and the pools are full of water. Sometimes they overflow and all things in the open are drenched in water.

A rainy day is a blessing not only for little children but for grown ups also. Children run here and there and swim in the water. They splash water on one another and feel very happy. They also float paper boats. Grown up persons too enjoy the rain bath. As soon as the rain stops, the people are again seen moving on the roads.

It becomes very pleasant. It is still more pleasing if one happens to get out in the open fields and gardens. The surface of the earth seems to be green as if covered with a green carpet. Leaves on trees and plants present a pretty sight. Sometimes cars and buses splash mud and water in our faces and spoil our clothes. Sometimes the cyclists slip here and there. If it rains during school or college hours, the students are seen returning home with their books, feeling happy.

After the rain, Nature presents a beautiful sight. People are seen moving out on business. Children too, are seen playing in the open. Continuous rains dislocate the daily routine work. But they are very helpful to the farmers who hail such days with a great pleasure. Their crops entirely depend upon the rains.

Set 5: Essay On A Rainy Day

One day in July it began to rain very heavily. It poured and poured. The rain showed no signs of stopping. It was not only pouring, but it was blowing too.

People walking through the street were getting wet. So they ran to the nearest shops for shelter. The streets began to fill with water. Streams of muddy water kept rushing down the street. The gutters became quite full of water. Some people who were still in the street could hardly walk. Their umbrellas were being blown about by the wind. Their clothes were soaking wet. They were dripping water as they walked.

As the water level rose in the street, traffic became thin. Fewer and fewer cars and buses were to be seen.”Vehicles found it difficult to move in the flooded streets. So the streets looked practically deserted. The only ones who seemed to enjoy the rain were children. They were sent home from school. They splashed about in the water. They did not mind getting wet and dirty. They sailed paper boats down the muddy streets on the road. They shouted and laughed with joys.

Poor people and animals were the worst hit by the rain. The poor people’s huts began leaking. Water dripped on them from all sides. There was nothing they could do about it but suffer in silence. Their clothes were completely wet. They had no dry clothes that they could change into. Stray animals like dogs and cats also suffered a lot on account of the rain. They tried to take shelter somewhere, wherever they could. They were drenched to the skin. They were in a sorry plight.

All life comes to a standstill when it rains continuously for a number of days. The rain causes great inconvenience to everyone when it pours and pours and floods the place. Most people dislike a wet day but some children welcome it because they are given a rain holiday.

Set 6: Essay On A Rainy Day

This year the summer season was unduly long and extremely hot. It was July and the schools had reopened. The scorching sun and the extreme heat made life miserable. Going to the school, studying in the class or playing on the grounds all seemed to be a punishment.

One morning, clouds gathered in the sky. Thunder rolled. Suddenly it started raining. There was a downpour for a short while but soon it turned into a steady rain. It was time for school. So, we took our umbrellas and set off.

It was refreshing to go out in the cool air. Everyone and everything looked fresh. The trees were a vivid green. The sound of falling rain was pleasing to the ears. No one minded the inconvenience of wet umbrellas, soaking shoes and wet clothes.

The plight of bus travellers was of course pitiable. Buses were late and overcrowded. It may be quite pleasant to take a brisk walk in the rain, but nobody likes standing in the queue in wet clothes, with the cold drops from other persons’ umbrellas dripping down one’s back.

The street urchins were having a great time playing in the streets, floating boats on the sides of the roads where water was flowing fast. I wished I could join them.

In the class, very few students were attentive. Almost everybody was looking at the rain every now and then. Primary class children were playing with boats in the centre court, where water had gathered making it look like a pool.

Ankle-deep water had collected near our school gate and on the main road. The municipality had been caught napping. The drainage system was choked. All low lying areas had knee-deep water. Even cars and buses were stranded at many places.

It is exhilarating to watch pouring rain and to run about in it. But soon I was happy to return home and change into dry clothes.


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