Essay On Wish I Were The Principal Of A School

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Essay On Wish I Were The Principal Of A School

The job of a Principal in school is important and full of responsibilities. The Principal is expected to run the school efficiently. Teachers and other office staff members support him in caring out his duties. Many times, he has to take quick decisions for the benefits and progress of the teachers and students. Only a person with great ability and knowledge can be a school Principal.

I being a student do not have the abilities or the qualities required to be the Principal of a school. However, if something like that happens and magically I am given an opportunity to be the Principal of my school, it will be a great experience. I will put into practise various new ideas and plans that one would have never imagined.

I would fit water taps or water coolers in each classroom. This would help the students to save their time. No one would run about for drinking water at a common tap. This idea will also avoid too much rush near the common tap during lunch break. Wastage of water by spilling it around will also be avoided. Moreover, nobody knows whether the stored water in drums or tanks is safe and pure for drinking. I would assure myself for pure and safe drinking water for the students. I would surely work over this idea to protect their health.

I would encourage all the students to participate in different school functions, activities and gatherings. I would introduce study-oriented activity like the Literary Society. Through this Society, selected students from higher classes would teach reading and writing to the uneducated people in nearby areas.

I would organize regular quiz competitions, drawing competition, singing competitions and many other competitions. I would introduce extra classes for sports like swimming, karate, boxing, etc. However, as these activities would require lot of time and energy, I would instruct the students to work during their holidays.

I would make every effort towards the students so that they would secure 100% pass result. This would help in earning a good reputation for my school. I shall insist and expect strict discipline in my school. However, I would take strict action against those teachers and sirs who beat and harass the students. I believe that it is not the fear of rod that set matters right. Peaceful explanation by pointing out the mistakes can prevent the students in repeating the same in future.

I would never allow the students to go out in afternoon for their physical education period. How can one except the students to be fresh and active in hot afternoon? Finally, I would create such atmosphere in the school that the students would never find boring to go to the school.

Essay On Wish I Were The Principal Of A School


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