Essay On A Visit To Mumbai City

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Essay On A Visit To Mumbai City
Essay On A Visit To Mumbai City

Essay On A Visit To Mumbai City

As soon as my final examinations got over, my eldest sister and brother-in-law invited me to their place. They stay in Mumbai. My parents could not accompany me for some reason. I am too small to travel alone, thus, they asked my uncle to go with me. Daddy made all other arrangements.

My sister and her husband came to receive us at the railway station. The name of the station was Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, popularly known as CST. The station was very big. Several people entered and exited the station. Many trains were arriving and departing the station at the same time. We drove home in a cool cab. On my way to my sister’s home, I saw many short as well as tall buildings. There were different shops on either side of the roads. Crowds of people walked on the footpaths. Some of them appeared to be in haste.

The roads were wide. Many vehicles traveled at a great speed at the same time. I had heard that there were many shopping centers in Mumbai where people could buy anything they wanted from one roof. My brother-in-law pointed to a building and told me that it had thirty floors. I was shocked to see such a huge building. He told me that such buildings were known as skyscrapers. We reached home. I relaxed for the rest of the day. I knew that I would require enough energy to visit different places for the next two or three days.

The next day my sister and her husband took us to an animated movie in a nearby theatre. The name of the theatre was Eros. My sister named some other famous theatre halls in Mumbai like Sterling, Regal, Liberty, etc. After the movie ended, we had our lunch in an Ideal restaurant. Later we visited famous hotels like the Ambassador and the Taj Mahal. We even spent some time shopping in local markets. My sister bought me a few clothes, toys and painting books. I was tired for the day. We started for the home. I had enjoyed my first day.

The next day we saw a famous Chinese garden, Hanging garden, Victoria Garden, and Kamla Nehru Park. We visited the Chowpatty beach and then by 1 in the afternoon we reached the Taraporevala Aquarium. I saw many small and big fishes in huge water tanks. By late afternoon, we went to the Prince of Wales Museum. In the evening, I started feeling hungry. This time we ate from the local stalls. I ate Pani Puri and Wada Pav. They were mouth-watering and delicious. We sat in a taxi and started for home.

During these two days, I noted that the people of Mumbai city dressed very well. They loved to be fashionable. I saw aged women in tops, shorts, and jeans. Young girls wore t-shirts, miniskirts, and shot pants. Boys too were not far behind. Some loved to have long hair like girls. They even did ponytails. They looked funny.

To conclude, I can say that a big city may be very eye-catching, but I like to live in my small town. I saw that rest and peace of mind were missing among the people. However, it is not a bad idea to visit a big city once in a blue moon.


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