Essay On Advantages of Forests

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Essay On Advantages of Forests

Forests are the wealth and beauty of a country. They are the precious treasures. Majority of our industries depend directly or ndirectly on forests. Care should, therefore, be exercised for their upkeep and preservation.

The Himalayan slopes are covered with forests. Pine, fir, and cedar trees are very useful. They provide timber for manufacturing doors, windows, shelves, cup-boards and ventilators. Chairs, tables, sofas and many other articles of furniture are made of forest wood.

Forests help in maintaining ecological balance by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen. Forests bring rain, check erosion of soil and give shelter to the animal life. They check the spread of deserts.

Some factories and mills depend on the forests, such as match factories, paper mills, saw mills, resin and turpentine factories. Forests provide raw material to them. The more the number of forests, the more are such industries and mills. Forests provide us with many medicinal herbs that are processed upon in the pharmaceutical works and a multitude of medicines are manufactured. Almost all sport material is made of forest wood. The willow trees provide us with soft, fine elastic branches which are woven into baskets and boxes.

Forests are rich in grass and they feed cattle. Dairy farming close to the forests can be run profitably. Forests supply fuel for domestic use.

It is a pity that forests are being recklessly destroyed. If a strict check is not exercised, there shall be less rains, the weather shall be dry, erosion of soil and floods shall be common, forests shall make onslaught on the plains and turn them into desolate deserts.

Essay On Advantages of Forests


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