Essay On All That Glitters Is Not Gold

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Essay On All That Glitters Is Not Gold

A proverb is the fruit of wisdom of our ancestors. We must not take the above quoted proverb too lightly. The above quoted proverb is tested since ages and is true. Men often show a tendency of mistaking false things for genuine ones. He makes a mistake just as one makes a mistake of copper for gold. Shining copper object may look like a golden object but a touchstone will prove the difference. Thus, things having attractive glittering appearance does not mean that everything that glitters like gold should be precious and valuable.

This proverb is not only about metals that can trick us, but is also applied in other spheres of life. Sometimes some of the dull looking things possess immense value. Their appearance misguides us. Their looks are in no way equal to the great value they have. This is even true in case of human beings. A person may be good looking and has a charming personality but may not possess any real skill or talent. He may be dishonest by nature. Therefore, a person must be judged by his skills and abilities and not by his external appearance. Many people appear very simple by their looks and are truly talented, good, great, skilful and humble.

This proverb helps us to learn to distinguish the good from the bad, the fake from the real and the rubbish from the pure. Goodness and excellence do not go with badness. Just like shining glass pieces dazzle and glitter like diamonds, the appearance of men can be greatly misleading. Thus, guessing and judging people on the bases of sheer appearance, character, face, dress and physique is a foolish approach.

However, this proverb must not be carried beyond a certain extent. There are things that are good and trustable. This also applies in the case of humans. Many people possess wonderful character and nature. It would be wrong to show distrust in them. They do not glitter although their character and achievements are no less than gold.

Friendship and good relations are built on trust. If a person has a tendency of doubting everyone and looking them suspiciously, they will lose their friendship and will find themselves alone in the miseries of life.

From the above discussion, one can say that a person must apply this proverb from both the angles. Before passing comments and judgements on things and other people, we must take our time to study everyone and everything carefully. We must not only judge things and people as bad but also as good to make our life easy and comfortable.

Essay On All That Glitters Is Not Gold


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