Essay On An Ideal Principal

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Essay On An Ideal Principal

The name of our Principal is Shri Ramesh Saxena. He is fifty one years old. He is a post-graduate. His personality is grand.

His clothes are not costly. His dress is simple. In summer he puts on white clothes. He believes in simple living and high thinking. In winter he puts on brown suits.

He is an early riser. He is regular in his work. He hates coming late. He is hard working, honest, active and sincere. His behaviour is very fine. He does not abuse his students. He is fatherlike to them. I have never seen him being angry.

He is a good administrator. He performs his duties sincerely. He is a willing worker. He takes rounds in the first and last period. He is always present at the time of prayers.

He is the founder principal. He does his best for the progress of he school. He checks indiscipline. His motto is “I am for the school and school is mine”.

He has much interest in games and sports. The school has been winning trophies from time to time. He likes music and drama very much. He encourages students to take part in debates and scouting.

People of the area respect him. He is considered to be an ideal principal. Under his able guidance, our school has progressed in every field.

Essay On An Ideal Principal


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