Essay On Why Teenage Years Are Sometimes Depressing?

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Essay On Why Teenage Years Are Sometimes Depressing?

For some teenagers, teenage years are depressing because they have to go through certain biggest changes in their lives. During these growing years, they go through major bodily and mental changes.

Many teenagers wake up in the morning under the fear of going to school. They know they have to go, but some of them hate to go. They feel unhappy. By the end of the day, they may again find miserable to go home because their family life might be bad and depressive. Such teenagers go home and sit down quietly for hours. They lock themselves in their room. After completing schooling, they find it difficult to decide whether they have to study further or not. If they choose a particular college, they doubt if the college will meet their expectations, and will they be accepted by the college. These are the major worries and changes they have never experienced before.

By changing their attitude, they can avoid depressing situations. Many teenagers suffer a mental disorder like sadness, idleness, feelings of uselessness, difficulty in thinking and increase or decrease in appetite. Suicidal tendencies are developed in such teenagers. Suicide is the second leading cause for death among teenagers. According to a research, approximately four out of hundred teenagers get seriously depressed and find everything miserable.

However, there are certain symptoms to suspect despair in a teenager. Lack of interest in normal activities, social withdrawal, low self-esteem, feeling hopeless, feelings of guilt, desire for revenge, belief that no one cares, confusion, anxiety, bad temper, difficulty in making decisions, regular thoughts of death, sudden drop in performance, very high or very low energy level, sleeping too much or too less and overeating are some of the important symptoms. Some may feel depressed because coffee has been spilt in front of everyone on a canteen table and all have turned back to look. Sometimes a person can also be dejected when a good event is about to occur.

Guilt can cause self-blame for failing in reaching an important goal or receiving less than acceptable marks. For example, a breakup of a teenager’s parents may cause him to feel the blame for his parental separation.

There certain measures to prevent depression among the teenagers. They must involve in some form of exercise, have a good cry, drink more water, laugh frequently, involve in volunteer are works, spend time with happy people, talk to the school counsellor, go to the library, live with a relative, etc. If none of these things works then therapy can be the next step. However, if teens can understand what depression is, they will succeed in dealing with it.

Essay On Why Teenage Years Are Sometimes Depressing


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