Essay On An Ideal School

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Set 1:Essay On An Ideal School

There are schools and schools but ideal schools are very rare. An ideal school is situated in ideal surroundings, away from the din and noise of the city. There is peaceful atmosphere in an ideal school which is essential for studies.

An ideal school is housed in a spacious building and its rooms are well-ventilated and well-furnished. The classes are not overcrowded. The library reflects its real character. It is stocked with good books of all types. The laboratories of an ideal school are well-equipped.

The Principal plays an important role in improving the standard of his school. The Principal of an ideal school devotes all his time and energy to the improvement of the school. He can achieve his goal only if he has a team of dedicated and self-sacrificing teachers. Mere teaching of books is not enough. An ideal school looks to all-round development of the students.

An ideal school has large playgrounds and it lays great stress on games and sports. Students are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities. An ideal school takes care that its students are imparted moral and religious education to improve their character. Only an ideal school can produce ideal citizens who take their proper place in the society.

Essay On An Ideal School

Set 2:Essay On An Ideal School

Students are trained in the school as the future citizens of the country. Unless the schools are ideal the country cannot get ideal citizens. Let us know what an ideal school is.

An ideal school is situated in a peaceful site in the lap of nature full of beautiful sceneries. It is situated in a vast compound that admits nature’s free air and free light. It is situated in a place which is served by natural spring of water and by sweet-scented flowers spreading their fragrance all around and by good climatic conditions.

The building of an ideal school should be large and spacious. The classrooms, the common rooms and the office-rooms should have a good number of windows to let in free air and free light. In a classroom there should be five square feet space for each of the students.

In an ideal school there are no more than twenty students in each of the classes. Each students is provided with a single chair and a single desk, which are in quite good condition.

An ideal school is provided with an ideal staff. The teachers of an ideal school are well qualified. They are greatly interested in learning and teaching. They do not have any mercenary motive. They take teacher ship as a mission in their life. They work in the school with a missionary spirit. They are the men of character and integrity. They work together with a team-spirit and with full co-operation and understanding among themselves.

An ideal school is well-supplied with all sorts of educational requirements like apparatus and appliance maps, charts and globes, libraries and laboratories, unquestionable love and respect for his fellow-citizens and loyalty and patriotism for his nation or his country.

Set 3:Essay On An Ideal School

An ideal school is that where the child is treated and cared for like a nascent plant. It is the plant which has to grow healthy. It should be properly manured and watered and also protected from sun and shade.

This is what an ideal school has to do with its little children. It is the child’s physical as well as mental growth about which the school should remain concerned. Along with this, there should be all the attention paid to the moral development of the child. He should be given training in right conduct, right behaviour and noble thoughts. It is through lessons in the classroom as well as lessons in the campus that such a training can be given.

The ideal school should have proper arrangements in the classrooms clean and well-arranged furniture and proper ventilation. For the nursery classes there should be charts and maps and pictorial presentation. A child learns more by seeing than by teaching. Musical rhymes in simple words give to the little child an instant appeal. They can hear and learn.

The campus of the school should also be clean and well-kept. Gardens and flowers and lawns present an agreeable atmosphere or if not all these at least a well cleaned area all around. Then there should be arrangements for games and physical exercises for which special classes and periods be allotted.

The development of the body is as important as the development of the mind and an ideal school has to look after the part of child’s physical development.

The classroom teaching should also be properly looked after and for this part an ideal school has to take great care in having teachers who are really devoted to their job they need rather to be dedicated, and disciplined. They should know their job and should know what they have to teach and how to make the lesson enjoyable. A school which fails to have dedicated teachers, fails to come to the standard of an ideal school.

For this, it is necessary too that teachers be paid due regard. Their job is to build the society but for that it is equally necessary that they be paid well and be duly respected. With a sense of self-respect within them they can give their best. Along with this it has to be seen that a teacher who takes up his job indifferently has no right to be there is an ideal school.

The school should have a good library and students should be given a training in using the library to add to their general knowledge. The library is the mental treasure of a school and students should draw out from it as much as they can.

Extra curricular activities are also an important and integral part of the school education. They give to students a nice exposure to develop their personality and provide them a forum to develop self-confidence. The main performers in these activities should be students – teachers should be only guiding them.

So many aspects, if properly looked after can made up an ideal school.

Last but not the least, children should be given due lessons in their moral and cultural background. They should be made to feel proud of their history and their without this all education would be ill-bred culture and half-backed.


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