Essay on My House

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Essay on My House: A building constructed by people for shelter and living can be defined as a house. They carry out their essential activities in homes. The house is built for the family, and a house becomes a home with the care and affection of the family members. A home is a place that gives a sense of comfort, security, and well-being. Today we will write an essay on essay on my house.

Essay My House
Essay on My House

Essay on My House

It is rightly said, “East or West, one’s home is the best”. House gives us coziness, relaxation, and comfort. House is an apartment, home, or a flat where we live, especially with our loved and dear ones. It carries a love for those people who live away from their house. However, those who are homeless are deprived children of God.

Like other fortunate children, even I have a house. I stay with my loving parents and an elder sister. We stay in a cooperative housing society. Although our house is small, it is cozy and filled with love, laughter, peace, and joy. It has one bedroom, a hall, and a kitchen. The bedroom is painted with lemon yellow color. Our hall is painted with bright pink and kitchen with light green colors.

My house is located on the first floor of the building. However, it is situated far out in the suburbs. It is at some distance from the town. The neighboring areas near my house are full of peace and silence. There are plenty of trees around our society. This keeps the surroundings cool and pleasant. We get plenty of fresh and cool air.

A great deal of love and kindness is seen in my house. There is simple but useful wooden furniture in the house. My mummy takes great care that my sister and I keep the house neat and tidy. Our dining table has a green glass on it. My sister and I share a common study table. Daddy has specially made two beds, one above the other for me and my sister. I sleep on top and she sleeps below.

There are quite a few facilities in the kitchen. We have a sandwich maker, a small microwave oven, an idli cooker, and a pop-up toaster. We even have a juicer. Our television is in the hall. In the late evening, after daddy comes from the office we all sit together and watch our favourite programs. There is also a wall cabinet in the hall. We have kept our trophies and other prizes on the cabinet.

Different comforts and luxuries in the world cannot make a house a home. Kindness, gentleness, affection, and unconditional love can make a house a home. When I see my house, I am filled with the feeling of being grateful to God. I am even thankful to my parents for providing me with such a comfortable house.

Essay on My House
Essay on My House


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