Essay On Convincing A Careless Lady

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Essay On Convincing A Careless Lady

That Monday morning, dressed in my best formal clothes, I was on my way to a job interview. As I turned the corner, I was thinking about what would happen at the interview. Suddenly, I felt things fall on me from above. And, to my horror, I realized that I was completely covered in garbage. Looking up, I saw the person who was responsible. I was so angry that I rushed up to her house and started scolding her.

I told her that she had shown a complete lack of civic sense by throwing garbage on the road. It is actually meant to be kept in dustbins at home. In any case, a pavement is no place to throw garbage. It must only be thrown in garbage bins, which have been built at almost every street corner. Then I told her how she had ruined my day. Obviously, I couldn’t go for my interview in that condition.

That lady was truly sorry. She kept apologizing for what she had done. Seeing that I may lose the opportunity of getting the job, she told me not to give up. She asked me to wash up quickly and offered to give me her clean clothes to wear. By then I had also recovered. I had a quick wash and changed into the clean clothes. I thanked the lady and promised to return her clothes soon,

I’ll never forget that one incident because it led to the beginning of a new friendship and a new job for me.

Essay On Convincing A Careless Lady


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