Essay on Good Manners

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Essay on Good Manners: The conduct decent is called Good Manners. Good Manners are good behavior towards others, respect for the person coming home, hospitality, care done without malice, and selflessness.

Good Manners
Essay on Good Manners

Essay on Good Manners 400 Words

There is a famous saying β€œmanners maketh man. A person can be judged from his manners and behavior in society. Good manners are learned and they do not come naturally. If good manners are not taught to children from childhood, they will not learn how to behave respectfully with their elders. They would grow rough and bad-mannered individuals. Good manners are regarded as the first mark of moral background. It shows the quality of a person’s upbringing.

We must always remember that just as salt adds taste to the food, good manners help in adding goodness to life. A person having the qualities of being courteous, respectful, gentle, and sympathetic towards other people are said to have good manners. People possessing these qualities are humble to their seniors, courteous to their equals, and compassionate towards their juniors. Good manners also include using certain words such as ‘sorry’, ‘please’, and ‘thank you. A well-mannered person never uses bad language and always speaks to his elders with respect and honor.

If someone is in need of help, a good-mannered person is always ready to offer his help. Offering our seats to an old and disabled person in a bus or train shows our well-mannered behavior. This will also display the family values in which we are born and brought up. Sneezing without covering your mouth and nose with a handkerchief should never be done in public. Yawning without covering the mouth with the hand shows bad manners.

Children are trained with good manners by their parents at home and by teachers in school. Manners learned in childhood usually continue with the person throughout life. It is believed that good manners can win us many friends. Good manners differ from country to country and from culture to culture. English people believe that taking one’s hat off in a church or while meeting known people in the street is a mark of respect. On the other hand, in India, it is considered polite to keep one’s hat on and discourteous to take it off.

An ill-mannered and bad-tempered person is impolite and selfish. He does not care about other people around him and is always in search of fulfilling his own self-interested wants. He is always disliked by others and remains dissatisfied and unhappy. However, a good-mannered individual always obeys and listens to his elders. He follows their instructions and advice. Such a person gains respect and is rewarded with a lot of happiness.

Daily practice helps in learning good manners that are necessary for a successful life. Children who are helpful, loving, thoughtful, and well-behaved are

strengths to society. As they grow older, they turn out to be precious citizens of the nation.

Essay on Good Manners
Essay on Good Manners

Essay on Good Manners 300 Words

The etiquettes adapted by an ideal person or a gentleman are good manners. Maintaining a good relationship with others, respecting elders, welcoming our guests, and behaving properly are all good manners. Good manners make a person modest and polite. One who knows how to behave in society is respected everywhere. Man is a social animal. It is expected that he should not cause any nuisance to the society. People hate a person who does not follow the rules and regulations of society.

Good manners should be inculcated in children at an early age. Parents are the first teachers of a child. They should tell their children how to behave. Teachers and schools are the next to teach manners to children. Good manners improve the attitude of a person infusing high thinking and converting hatred into love. Speaking properly to others, politeness, respecting elders, helping others is nothing but good manners. Offering help to senior citizens, handicapped or blind people in buses or trains, helping sick or injured people, consoling them are also good manners. Good behavior is a valuable ornament that everybody should wear. It brings a positive change to a person. Parents and teachers should try their level best to instill good

habits in children. Good-mannered children can build the future of the nation. We can also learn manners by taking part in public functions and by interacting with different people. Good company helps to improve our thinking and we become more disciplined. Public places like libraries, schools, government offices, and private institutions have their own set of rules. We should follow these rules, Speaking loudly in a library, improper handlings of library books, destroying our national wealth, scribbling at public places, are not considered good manners. Remember, good manners are the sign of being a gentleman.

Essay on Good Manners


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